Well like the post said, I've always played metal and I've started to see that metal music just keeps going in cycles, there's nothing new, so I'd like to branch out and take on acoustic music and alternative music.

Does anyone have ideas of where to start? I know a pockets worth of music theory, I can write my own music, and I know how chords are built, but as to how to practice using chords... I have no idea. I'd love some song suggestions or warm ups, progressions etc.

Thanks guys!
I will tell 2 things:

Metal doesn't go in cycles, it depends on what you listen to. There are as many uncreative formula following metal bands as there are acoustic musicians. Every genre is filled to the brim with musicians who are uncreative and don't add anything to the genre. However, there are gems in every genre, a musician or a group who are able to combine their influences, abilities and visions into something that is breathtaking and unique. It's up to you to find these and you just have to dig deep to find them. If you want recommendations, I can recommend stuff.

The second thing is that in order to learn to play in a genre, you have to listen to a lot of music from that genre. Take a song that impressed you, analyze it, figure out what you liked about it and use it in your songwriting. Whether its a technique, the structure of the song, the metaphor in the lyrics or just the coherency, just figure it out and integrate it. I'm assuming since you claim you know a load of theory, you can form your own progressions and basically write music in key (or not if you want ).

So in the end, it's all about listening and taking the different influences you have and mixing them together into your own sound. Also experiment a lot and try out different stuff.

For example, I was once playing around with the regular E Major Barre Chord Shape and for some reason I decided to play around with it and leave the 2 highest strings open. I found that that gave a bright sound the sustains throughout the progression and I pretty much loved and wrote a few progressions based on it. Whats even weirder is, a few weeks afterwards I found a singer-songwriter on youtube, who's relatively unknown, who gave a lesson about those types of chords.

So basically listen to your influence and analyze what you like about them. Also experiment by adding or subtracting stuff in order to achieve different sounds. Don't limit yourself. And lastly, make sure your voice is in there (not literarily) but make sure you're expressing something with it and not just churning out a dishonest catalog of material.

Take Care
Personally I dont think there is anything better than just picking the thing up, play metal on your acoustic,,,,get the feel for the instrument. Songs will jump at you that you like. Mabye it is the riff, rythm, melody, angelic sweetness, whatever. Get the tab & work out how you wish to play it. practice practice practice

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