Hey, I have a concern. I've noticed for a while now that there are two hairline cracks on my guitar next to the neck joint and I have no idea if it is just cracks in the paint or the wood is actually damaged. Here is a picture of where the cracks are:

Sorry about the image quality, Ipod Touches do not have good cameras. You can't see the cracks properly but i have highlighted WHERE the cracks are located. My question is; Should I be worried and does it need sorting out?

It is an Ibanez SZR520 and it has a set-neck construction if that helps anything.


My guitar has a couple of those too, and they never really caused a problem besides the way they look.
I don't know about set-in necks, but a bolt on can get finish cracks at the neck pocket. They are no more than a superficial crack in the finish, it isn't a problem as far as neck stability is concerned.

Look closely, if the wood is cracking, you may need a repair.
Surface cracks your guitar is fine brochacho
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Probably surface cracks, I've got a guitar with them and its no big deal. If you're worried just watch them and if they appear to be growing or it looks like the wood is splitting, take it to get looked at. Shouldn't be a problem in the long run.
Dont be in a hurry to fix them if its a new guitar. Let the wood finish wiggling. If you do refinish it and the wood is still settling, it will just crack the finish again. If its a really new guitar, the manufacturer or seller might give you something for warranty. Cracks very seldom have any functional affect on the guitar, exceptions being cracks that let the bridge or neck move. They can make the guitar more sensitive to humidity and temperature.
unless you've had tuning stability or set-up stability issues, the crack is probably superficial and not structural. it could be something as simple as the finish being applied slightly incorrectly or being flexed a touch too far at some point.

however, if you notice problems with the stability of the guitar, it could hint a bigger problem. thats when you get a good, reputable shop to take a peek.
Those cracks are nothing to be worried about unless you want your guitar cosmetically perfect.