Spending time in solitute, reflecting

Go ahead and take a trip towards the sun
I feel it's going to be alot of fun
Why? because its hot
All the dead space particules left to rot
More like black matter and the hole left in decay
Staring at me in the far reaches of the universe, touche

That face, anti-matter, direct oppostite of me
Trapped in a secular world, no particules can roam free
Dark, lifeless, and senseness are the settings of this relam
Can't feel, touch, smell, very overwhelming

Bore me to death, with that face
Old ancient climax reaches this place
For thousands of years, the tides of the stars collide
Further reaching to a point, no one can go inside

Can't unlock or reach the afterlife
No one was able to describe it with a knife
Many souls are trapped in the light
There isnt enough room to save everyone's soul, too bright
Because the sun stares away, towards the eight remaining planets, in our solar system
Chasing away dreams that weren't fullfill in the ecosystem