Hey guys. I've uploaded a track from my band Like Lightning's demo EP. Feedback would be awesome. It was recorded and mixed in GarageBand though I have little to do with the production I just play bass and have input on vocal ideas etc. Enjoy!

Oh and I'll do crit for crit as well.
It's a pretty good demo. Maybe some compression on the vocals? Have you double tracked the guitars? Might beef them up a bit. Sounding really good. Drums were recorded pretty well and that's not really that easy to do. Keep working on the recording and it'll be sounding really awesome. Songwriting is pretty damn good!

I hear a little QOTSA in there too.

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The vocals are really flat and the song is a bit repetitive. Vocals can only be improved with practice, so there's not much you can do about that except maybe hide the vocals in the mix until there is improvement. For the repetitive part, the main thing that people would probably tire of first is being blasted with a wall of sound for an entire song. I really liked the guitar breakdown/riff thingy and the vocal harmonies near the end of the song, but there needed to be a lot more of those. The song didn't change much until the last few minutes of the song.

hope you find this helpful