How do you guys like to record your music to the computer? I used to record direct with an external microphone. Then I started using MIDI direct connect to the computer. Now I like to plug my computer headphone jack into my amp Headphones Jack.

Recently I've been having a problem with being able to hear myself when I play. There is too much latency for me to use the computer as the speakers. Is there a way I can hear myself from the amp and still be plugged and recording into the computer? I tried a headphone splitter in the Amp Heaphone jack, but I couldn't hear it. Is there a way for my amp to be on, and still record onto the computer?
I use a complex system of interarranged diodes and neurons to simultaniously direct the phantom sounds to a sallelite, and have them beamed to a professional studio.

No jk. I have a pedalboard with two outs. So one goes to my computer, the other to my amp. Then I modify the signal via a VST to whatever sounds cool. My Direct out goes to my Panasonic (Or amp, since it has an mp3 in) and do my shizzin dizzle from there

Honestly I hate recording. It's like playing a concert just without the boobies

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I like to record my music on water.

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i go down to our local college and get the music productions students to record our band for the coursework for free. we record drums and vocals there due to the good mics (we use the u87 on vocals and drum overheads) and rooms. we finalise guitars at home..ribbon and sm57 on a baron custom amp earcandy speakers via les paul custom with bareknuckles and thick new strings. Bass is done normally via ampeg vst. this is all done on REAPER.
You need a digital audio interface. On Windows, you have to install an ASIO sound driver to mitigate the latency issue, which isn't caused by distance from the amp to the computer, but rather by Window's inability to process digital audio fast enough on its stock driver.

If you're serious about getting a good recording, it's a necessary investment.

My setup is a MacBook Pro connected to an E-MU0404 usb interface routed out to stereo monitors. I almost never record guitar or other acoustic instruments, but when I do it's straight into the 0404. Tone and amp is all done using Waves, NI, and McDSP. I mostly work with MIDI and sampling libraries for orchestral programming/mockups, so no mics involved. My main DAW is Digital Performer 7. For required live sessions I have to find players and record on the scoring stage at school, engineers already provided.

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My recording setup = Mic > USB Interface (Audio Box) > Laptop > Studio One Pro (Software)

I use Guitar Pro to create all my MIDI files. It might not be the best way, but it works pretty good for me
for now we point a usb mic at us playing :/
like this

just got into a studio this week though
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The Line 6 UX2 sounds really cool. I just looked it up. I have CakeWalk for Mixing Software. Is there any other equipment I need for the Line 6 UX2? Also, what do you guys think of Reaper vs Cake Walk? Also, what do You guys use for drums? ( when you dont have a drummer. ) I use the software Hydrogen. I make the drum tracks there, and then import them into CakeWalk. Works pretty good so far. Quality is not top notch, but im not releasing any albums any time soon, I just like to make the occasional song or cover every now and then.