ok I said in one of my threads that I would like to get a les paul supreme. BUT... dont have the cash well my friend shaun did have the money so he bought it and loves but he likes the paint job but would rather have a black paintjob which I agree but I was wondering is it ok to paint a guitar that is this expesive to buy?
Your friend is an idiot.

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The Les Paul Supremes I've seen have all been sunbursts with a flame maple top. Painting one would damage its value and its looks. The Supreme is a fine guitar. Enjoy it just as it is. Save the paint for build-it-yourself kit guitars.
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It's okay in the sense that murder is okay if nobody ever finds out. Actually, it's worse than that...

That would be an incredibly stupid thing to do to a Les Paul Supreme. Incredibly stupid. So stupid, in fact, that I'm inclined to think that this is a joke thread. Seriously, if he/you want(s) to devalue that guitar that bad, just trade it in for a Les Paul Custom. At least you'll still come out ahead.

EDIT: After rethinking this... Assuming that this situation is actually real, sell that Supreme before it gets fucked up and just pick up an Epiphone or a Jay Tursor and play that until you/he understand(s) how stupid this is.
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One of the main attractions of the Supreme is that it features some of the best-looking tops available. Re-finishing would be a damn waste of money. Why not just get a Standard in Ebony?
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haha yea I agree like I said I perfer blakc but with that price tag and all I was like deffiantly not worth doign but I thought I would get all of your inputs so thanks!
Tell your friend to return the guitar and buy something more on his skill level....like a Squire, and play that until he releases the mistake of his ways.
i hate supreme's.

i say do it, then put emg's in it.
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If your friend is incapable of providing the loving and supportive environment that's best for a LP Supreme then I am willing to adopt the guitar and give it a nice home.
I know it's not appropriate to flame people but this is just asking for it.