Okay, so I have a nice shiny new bass, but no bass amp. I can't spend much more than $150 right now, so what's a good bass combo within that price range? I like a warm-sounding bass amp, but still fairly bright in terms of bringing out the highs. 8" speaker or bigger. Maybe a modeling amp? Any recommendations are welcome.
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my cousin got an Ampeg BA110 (110 for one 10 inch speaker) 35 watts, they go like $180 new and it gets pretty loud, possibly for gigs, and can get quiet enuff for home use. it very versatile for emphasis on highs and lows. no modeling but it has an effects loop and a line out which can be helpful.
There are a couple Acoustic combos in your price range. I'd go for a 10" speaker at least, just so that things don't get instantly farty whenever you get the urge to turn it up a bit.

If you'd like to go bigger, you can probably fine a nice used peavey 1*15 combo for around $150.
Used market is always great, I surf craigslist daily, and keep a google page open, so I can cut and paste gear and search it, you'll learn a lot from just searching and reading what other people say, you'll learn if it's good or bad, and what to look for when you go to look.

I don't know where you are located right now, but right now is a buyers market, nearly every day of the week someone is dropping a gig worthy rig on craigslist here, for $150-$250. Old Peavey gear is always a solid choice, American made and very reasonable in the price. for the price of an Ampeg practice amp you could easily get a reliable nice band practice or gig amp for the same price.