How many of you grew up in a household where the main language spoken was not English

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I did
39 35%
I did not
60 54%
My family mixed languages up all the time
12 11%
Voters: 111.
...or the dominant language of the country you live in if you live outside of an Anglo country.

Just wondering.
I grew up here in the US but the language spoken at home was always Portuguese.

edit: Also,
Interesting read. At young ages, kids have a hard time differentiating between both of their native languages. Explains why I mixed up all my sentences when I was little.
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My entire family is Colombian, so it was Spanish all the time. However, since I lived for quite a while in the US, I grew accustomed to talking to my parents in English, so now my parents talk to me in Spanish and I respond in English and people look at us weird anywhere in the world.
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My family spoke Spanish

I basically learned English from TV.
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I'm russian, so we mostly talk in russian at home with parents, but I talk in english to my sibings.
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I grew up in a totally English household, but when I went over to my grandparents my dad and my grandparents sometimes spoke in German.
My family speaks Spanish.

I learned English in school and from things like videogames, movies and TV
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I'm russian, so we mostly talk in russian at home with parents, but I talk in english to my sibings.

Similar thing to me. I speak in Portuguese with all my older relatives and English with the younger ones.
Growing up my parents spoke only Vietnamese, which is the language I use to communicate with them. For some reason as my brother grew up he never learned Vietnamese, and my parents just started using english. It's sort of weird because I still talk to my parents in Vietnamese (adding lots of english words in between, since my Vietnamese isn't the best), but when it's with my brother it's all in english.

When I was in grade 2-3 though I did have trouble differentiating between Vietnamese and English though, so I had to take extra english classes at my school for people having trouble with english. I guess growing up with two different languages was the cause.
My dad spoke to me (very rarely) in Mo-he-cun-uk, our tribal language. I only picked up two things from it; 'hello' (au-shung-wei) and 'dog' (ya-ta-hey).
In my house we spoke American.
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I grew up speaking Spanish to my parents and English to everyone else. Nowadays though I mostly speak in English to my parents since they can understand me pretty well.
I was only exposed to American in my household as well. I have a romanticized idea of being multilingual but it's too much work to learn properly and I can't be bothered with it.
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i speak mando all the time at home, but my english is better and my mando sounds fail to other chinese people

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When I was growing up, my parents spoke to me in Tamil for the most part.
Once I moved to Mumbai around 15 years ago, it became this weird mix of English and Tamil. Most days we interchange what we speak pretty freely.
My mom always spoke in Spanish while my dad always spoke in English unless he was speaking to my mom. It was always mixed.
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I didn't grow up with anything besides English.

But sometimes my gramma will throw Polish into her sentences
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Yes, Finnish. But not from birth.

People bilingual from birth have many intellectual advantages, are on average more intelligent and can concentrate better at school, as a result of being able to filter out unwanted information in speech (figuring out which language you are talking in and only using words from that language) from a young age.
My parents taught me Tamil and Spanish when I was little but when I started going to kindergarten I had to learn English to communicate with everyone else so I kinda forgot how to speak Tamil and Spanish.

Now, my parents/other relatives speak to me in Tamil and I reply in English. And I relearned Spanish in school.
German, because my mom was German and my Portuguese father passed away when I was young.

So at home I spoke a lot of German and then Portuguese because I was living in Portugal. However, at a very early age I picked up on english very easily due to my mom speaking it and watching English tv. By the time I was 12 I spoke English better than Portuguese.
My family is entirely from India, although i live in Sweden, so i grew up with Swedish and Bengali as my main languages, and picked up English by watching American cartoons
Spanish, as both my mom and dad came from Mexico.
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What language was spoken depended on how angry my parents were. Most the time it was English, but when they argued or I got in trouble it would be Spanish or Portuguese coming at me.
Well my parents both speak Arabic, and that's what I grew up hearing...yet somehow I managed to end up with better English than Arabic
Both my parents speak Portuguese , and i leanrd english by myself ..
I'm surprised of how many people speak portuguese here !