recently read an article about these guys in Guitar World, so I figured I'd give the band a more careful listen than the casual stuff I'd heard in the past. These guys are amazing! The music in general is decent, but the guitarists, Nick, and Albert, are truly genius. Anyone heard the opening riff for "Under the Cover of Darkness"? I look forward to more music from the group, and the especially the guitarists.the style seems so bluesy, just pump the treble and play the lead! Anyone else taken an interest in their playing? It seems so much more fun than just chugging out the heavier technical stuff out these days
I really like the band, but I'm not a huge fan of their guitarists. They aren't bad, obviously, they just don't make me excited. I like the songwriting.
casablancas is a great singer, and im sure ill warm up to the band more eventually, but i love playing their riffs. its like more rock oriented black keys stuff