My friend and I were messing around with a friend's piano today and came up with this little thing. The song would be played on the same piano, but with two people lol but I put two tracks to make it easier to write in GP. I also added drums, but most likely wouldn't be played with drums in it.

Me and him both have no idea how to play piano, but I thought it sounded okay. We wrote the first 8 or so bars together and I just went off and wrote some more to make it sound more like a full song. Its only 25 bars long so it shouldn't take too long to listen to it and critic it. Obviously its not going to be great, it kind of starts to sound meh after it goes back to 3/4 time, but I tried. I think its decent for the first time playing a piano

As always, C4C, etc

Also, I wrote this without RSE
J_M Song.gp5
J_M Song.gp4
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it was alright, maybe you should take your small idea add some other stuff and make a nice musical piece out of it