-guitar tracks only-
Djent improv Not exactly your run of the mill Djent, as a matter of fact it hardly sounds that way at all, but that's how it was recorded: 4 to the floor metronome with really no thought of how to put it together (The word escapes me)
I threw in a couple overdubs after I wrote some words and thought I might use it in a song someday.
Never actually tried writing Djent before, but I love Meshuggah so it's kinda like a homage to them.
If you need these 5 minutes, don't click here

This one I wrote a while back called BURN (When I had dreams of being an amazing solo artist). This ones more of a groove.

HMU I do the whole C4C thingy :>

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It doesn't really feel like djent. The guitar isn't tuned low enough and the tone isn't really djenty. To get that djenty sound, you want to kill your bass (cut it to about 20%), slightly boosted mids (somewhere between 60 and 85%) and really high treble (90% and up). Then tune your guitar to some arbitrarily low tuning. Then focus on dissonant intervals and write in weird time signatures. Then you'll be djenty.

Listening to Burn, the first thing that comes to mind is that your tone is much better there than was the case for the djent fu thing. The chords are hard to make out, so cut that gain a little. The riffs were alright, but nothing beyond your run-of-the-mill pedal riffs. The solo makes me think Dimebag, which is fine by me, though the reverb was a bit high. Overall, not terribly great stuff, but far from the worst I've ever heard on here.

What will make these sound much better will be to cut back a little on the distortion and program a bass line and some drums in there to give a little more context to your riffs. You sound to be a capable player (Camden was pretty nice stuff), but your sound is a little empty without other instruments. Try chucking some programmed bass and drums into the mix and give it a shot.

With some drums behind it it would have a good groove to it. I can see it being much better once with some good backing.

The part around 2 minutes sounds really nice. Good flow to it and gives it another dimension from the standard djenty sound.

The solo also sounded good with the groove. You should try and get some software to make some drum loops and try building it up. I'd listen to it that's for sure.

Next time change your tone a bit as instructed earlier by Geldin.

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