If a mortal stands before us
Strike him down with sleight of hand.
And if heaven rides against us
Then God himself must be damned.

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Very nice, but perhaps your intonation is off a little bit. It could just be the song, but the notes didn't seem to fit together the best way, even for a haunting melody. Just my 2cents.
I love that song

but your guitar doesn't sound in tune

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aside from the tuning issue, everythings really tight. im not necessarily a fan of the heavy distortion but it kinda sounds cool on the background harmony. i think the high part that repeats might be a little too bland as is. the distortion makes it sound kinda fake almost, plus i think a little reverb or delay on it would help with the spooky feel. just some thoughts

i have a thread up now with a couple pokemon songs in it that no ones posted in yet for the second one, id be glad if you gave it a look