Hey guys, I play a lot of metal and I'm definitely more of a lead player, so I've focused on my muting technique especially for alternate and sweep picking, since, as everyone knows, unwanted string noise can be a bitch. If there's one thing I have a fair amount of trouble with, it's those clean/acoustic arpeggios where you need to allow the lower strings to ring out as you go up to the higher ones. I can play a lot of parts like this, but it tends to be somewhat inaccurate and usually uncomfortable trying to keep the heel of my hand away from the lower strings that need to ring out. Any tips for playing these arpeggios more accurately?
For me what helps isn't floating the hand off the strings to allow them to ring but moving it over the bridge so you're still resting your hand in a familiar place and not trying to adjust to having your hand that much further away from where it needs to be. It's much easier, less tense and so on, at least in my opinion, to move it along the strings so you don't mute them than it is to try and float your hand if that's not what you do normally.
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