I want to build a strat with a similar paint job to those built in the 50's and 60's by Fender, and are revered so highly. I'm not a fan or relic-ing by "non-natural" means, because it doesn't feel right, and most Old fenders have some blood sweat and tears in them. But I like the look, and not the pricetag of the original strats. Aaaaanyways. I did some research, and those old fenders had paint that they used on old automobiles, which are now Banned(?) in the USA. I don't know if there is some (hopefully) legal way to get my hands on such a paint, or I'll have to go with the thin-skin nitro finish. If any of you guys know how to get ahold of some of the stuff(I don't even know for sure its banned) in some similar form, It would be greatly appreciated. Also it being a first build, if there is any tips for actually spraying the stuff it would also be awesome. Thanks

P.S. I use the word paint to cover, everything from dyes to primer, sealer, stain, and whatever else you would need in the finishing of the guitar.
Nobody has replied yet and I kinda need an answer, anyways heres my source, and you have some knowlage in painting, here's what I found online. http://home.provide.net/~cfh/fenderc.html
Its pretty big, but its something I've been chipping away at slowly.
I'm not much of help here, but maybe try the nitro if you absolutely can't find it, I know they still make fiesta red t-bird paint, it's what they used back in the day.
Great article in that link! I spent way to much time reading it hahaha but here's what I got from the article. Fender used the paint for cars for their guitars. Regardless of weather it was nitro or acrylic. But that said, they often did a clear coat over that (always clear coat on metallic colors and sunbursts) which was always nitro. I think if your really going for a genuine 50's/60's vibe you would be best off sealing the body (if you really want to get picky to the originals they were often stained yellow first) then painting a color (nitro or acrylic) then doing a clear coat of nitro.
Thanks I'd been having trouble decifering what that meant.
I just want to make sure that it'll crack and chip like an old school strat would
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