Question, you realise that these are two guitars in the lead? Do you want both or what?
Seriously? Thought it was just a rhythm and a lead, lol. No wonder I had trouble trying to learn it. Both if you can. Otherwise, just the heavier lead.
Nope the lead is double, its hard to discern the right melody because of it, distortion doesnt help much either, but ill try, you have guitar pro right?
Yeah I do. Guitar pro is the preferable format for me lol. Anyways, here's what I've come up with so far.

Never tabbed out before lol.

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Here it is, some parts in the middle for the second guitar might be wrong but I just cant get them right, so you try.If theyre wrong, im not even sure.
Elfen Lied.gp5
Well, since my friend didn't want to play a "crappy anime" song, I made my own version of it. Here's what it sorta sounds like as a mix between the both guitars. No end solo though, couldn't figure that out without a crapload of mistakes. There's errors, first time making a GP file lol. Not sure how it plays on GP5, exported it via GP6.
Sounds kind of...empty...Its okay though, for one guitar.
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