Okay, so there's this song I've been listening to by a band called Wretched, the song is called 'VI: The Exodus of Autonomy' and the last few chords I love the way they sound.

So would it be considered ripping off if I take a few chords from that progression at the outro, change the progression a bit with the same chords plus a few added, play it in a higher tuning and play the chords in different octaves? The reason I'm asking is because it isn't 100% original, because it still has a similar feel, but is actually way different from the song I took the chords from.
Look at how many people play IV-V-I or I-V-vi-IV with almost identical rhythm and notes. I think you'll be fine.

Personally, I'd be annoyed that I didn't come up with it myself, but that's probably just a personal problem of mine I need to work out.
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It's not what you say; it's how you say it. So even though you're 'saying' that chord progression you're doing it differently to Wretched so it's ok. Lots of very famous people have done much worse.
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1) You can't copyright a chord progression.

2) If you have to ask if it's ethically/morally wrong, and qualify by saying you'll 'change it a bit', it probably is.

Seriously, though, don't be so concerned with these little boundaries. Artists steal, modify, enhance, stumble upon, and are inspired by songs and riffs all the time. Plus...really, how many people are gonna hear it live and say "THAT ****ER RIPPED OFF THAT WRETCHED SONG"?
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My logic is, if it sounds like you heard a song and liked it enough to write something similar, that's okay. If it sounds like you heard a song and just copied it without making an effort to make the tune your own, then that's wrong.

I just love the verse of Windowpane, by Opeth. I love that chord (Perhaps a Bsus2? I forget), so after listening to it for a while, I decided that chord warrented a song all of its own, so I wrote it. I didn't copy the strumming pattern or anything, I used that chord to make my own melody, and used it as the centerpiece of the song, rather than the verse, as Opeth did. In my opinion, it sounded different enough to justify it being a separate entity.

So, overall, as long as it sounds like a Homage rather than a ripoff, go ahead and use it
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