Hi all,

I've been playing for about 2 years now, and am getting to a stage (of impatience because I can't find others to play with) where I want to start recording my licks and riffs etc so I can start piecing them together, or just to listen back to at a later stage if I want to play over the top.

I have a mac (which comes with garage band) and my equipment is an epi Les Paul Custom, some pedals (3 in total, growing to 4 soon) and currently a vox pathfinder amp.

I'd like to record directly, so mics and Dictaphones are out of the question for me, as I don't have a suitable environment to get the sound recorded nicely that way.

I was thinking if I bought the Boss Looping pedal (L-3?) which has mad recording lengths, I could then just take the data from that to my computer via USB, and insert into garage band

Is this a good idea? OR would I be better looking into say, JamVox, or the line 6 equivalent etc?

If it's relevant at all, I intend to upgrade to the Vox VT20+ soon

Many Thanks!
Try out the POD'S!
Some are pretty decent for recording.

The idea with the Looping pedal sounds weird...
yeah, a pod or some kind of direct usb interface to get you into garagband will be your best option here.
I own one of the very simple Line 6 interfaces, and it was a very good purchase for me. My only complaint with it was that the guitar audio could only be fed out a headphone jack in the device, but if you don't need live monitoring the Toneport is handy. I wouldn't have a clue about recording with a looping pedal, it seems like an awkward diversion. But the Line 6 is an inexpensive tool which simplifies the recording process.
If I use a pod, can I still run all my pedals through beforehand, and is there a way to hear it live as I play, or would I have to record and then listen back?

The reason I thought of using a looping pedal is just because it means I know I am getting my amp tone, as well as being able to just play a whole bunch of stuff as I normally would, only needing to stomp the pedal to stop recording, and then just transfer over to the computer the things I actually want to keep!
I would recommend a proper interface. If you go Line 6, you'll get Pod Farm with it which will get you a tone at least as good, and probably better, than your amp and pedals. Your pedals will work with it, but I'd put money on you not even using them much once you get into Pod Farm.

If you dont plan on using a mic, all you'll need is this
that seems like a pretty good idea, but playing through my laptop speaker is gonna suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck surely?