I'm auditioning for a classic rock band this weekend. They play "a ton of Skynard" (as he put it). Such as, Gimme Three Steps, Alabama, Give Me Back My Bullets, etc. I'm just wondering if anyone has some tips for soloing on these tunes (scales, licks, etc.) and some ideas as to what the "second" guitar might be playing for rhythm parts.

I'm going to check out the TABs obviously but I figure there has to be some people on here who are fairly proficient with this music.
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Just blues scales

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sweet home alabama

solo: G major scale/ e minor ; blue notes!
i would learn the first short solo and improvise on the second one

lead guitar: plays the remarkable sweet home alabama riff, the break riff and chorus riff
(i think there are good tabs here)
and the other one plays just chords(D,C,G) in a nice rhythm

lynyrd sknynyrd plays it with i think three guitars, which all play something different so the lead guitar should stay the same and the rhythm guitar should try to cover somehow the parts of guitar 2 and 3
Gimme Back My Bullets was the only pre-crash album that had only two guitarists on it. All that aside, any band can definitely get by with two when playing their other stuff. You better have somebody that can play some slide though.

If you're going to be playing more of the rhythm parts, then you're going to be playing a lot of G, C, D, E, Em, A, and Am chords. You'll need to be able to do hammer-ons, and pull-offs in those chords. And, you'll need to pick those chords apart. "Am I Losing", for instance, has a lot of what I just mentioned.

If you're worth your salt, you should be just fine. I wouldn't sweat it. If you're digging deeper into their catalog than these couple of "radio tunes", feel free to come back in here and ask questions about specific tunes and I'll see if I can do any more to help you.

EDIT: Oh, and it's "Lynyrd Skynyrd". A "y" is the closest thing to a vowel in the whole damn name.
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skynyrd has a y after the n dude, c'mon if you're gonna be playing their stuff and all.
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skynyrd has a y after the n dude, c'mon if you're gonna be playing their stuff and all.

Yeah you're not worthy to play Skynyrd if you can't spell Skynyrd