What were happen during your first time playing guitar...

For my part:
I pressed the string onto iron that attached on fretboard. Produce "tat" sound.
Played Slow Ride........ on medium

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I shat one out one day, picked it up, it lit on fire by itself then I melted my house with the awesomeness of my solo.
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I shat one out one day, picked it up, it lit on fire by itself then I melted my house with the awesomeness of my solo.

Wow, that is alot for a first time playing guitar.
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You are EXTREMELY WRONG! I have played it. I own an 18W and it would be an awful stereo amp, it's way too bright, breaks up too easily and so on. Secondly, why would a guitar store sell an hifi amp.
First my guitar lesson. Nothing Else Matter. Very hard at the begining. Now, even i sleep, i can play it.
I broke two strings, my first and fifth string, while trying to play my first G chord XD
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i learnt smoke on the water on one string
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It was an old, out of tune Silvertone acoustic. I had no clue what I was doing, just picking at random notes.
I learned One - Metallica. Ahh the good old days, with my Epiphone SG Special and my Marshall MG10cd...
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My friend was on his way round mine and decided to buy himself a new guitar. He had already been playing for a while. He showed me the open chords and I learnt how to play Holiday by Green Day
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Played a C chord.

Then my dad got me the tab for Sweet child o mine and I sat down and learnt the intro.

Is your father a guitarist? LIke father, like son.
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Nope. He used to play piano and did try guitar for about a week but had to sell it on. Which was a shame since he had a really nice white fender strat.

Is good to has a father used to play music intstrument.
Honestly cannot remember. But I remember learning the intro of One on my acoustic as my first song. To this day I have no idea why I thought that would be a good idea.
I think it was 'Song of Joy'
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Put my fingers on random frets and played an E minor major 9th chord. I only found this out about 3 years later, and it's a horrible sounding chord.
I played an open E string.
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My first guitar was an acoustic. I got it from a pawn shop. Went home plucked the low E. Played random crap around the frets. Thought I sounded beast....
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I make music sometimes.
Played Smoke on the Water. Thought I was God.
I play my guitar like I live life; upside-down.

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I tried to play an F chord, got the fingering right...I just didn't have the finger strength so it was just the same as muting all the strings and strumming.
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