So i have 2 humbuckers. I want to install a coil split to split the pickups into singlecoil mode. I have 1 volume and 1 tone. (I dont ned a push/pull button for both, right?) Do anybody know where i can find the wiering diagrams? Also what is the pros/cons of a coil split vs 5 way switch?
the duncan website has a bunch of wiring diagrams. just bear in mind their colour-coding of the wires may be different from the colour-coding of the pickups you're using.
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unless your humbuckers are designed for coil splitting, you will not deable to split them.
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T.S you need 4 wire pick ups to do this.

Also I forgot to mention that you can do it with either a 5 way switch or push pull pots.
If you use only 1 push pull pot , then both p/us will be spilt at the same time.
If you use 2 push pulls you can have different combinations of each.
A 5 way switch will let you split one at a time but I don't think you will be able to play with both p/u's selected in split mode.
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