I guess the title says the most - i have been practicing basic major/minor sweep figures and learning sweeplicks for quite some time. Yet it feels like after the first weeks (months?) off getting used to the felling, i stopped gaining any speed. Please share your thoughts...

As a side question - what is the "correct" way to play a std. maj/min arpeggio (ascend-descend), i suspect this might be where im doing it wrong:

1. pluck first note on high e - the rest are done with hammerons and pulloffs, the next note that is plucked is on the B string when descending.

2. pluck first note on high e - then a hameron - the next note plucked is the same as the last one plucked during the ascend.

i hope it makes sense - im doing no 1. btw
Play it how you feel most comfortable but the only way to increase speed is by sitting down with a metronome and playing it over and over and over and over until its perfect at each tempo

Its a boring way of doing things but its the quickest
Depends on context and the sound you want. Personally I don't do it either of those ways, I pick sweeps like this:



At least I think that's different from what you've described, I'm not sure exactly what you mean.

None of them are really the "correct" way since as long as your movements are nice and economical with both hands it doesn't matter.

To put it bluntly: it's not the picking directions that are holding you back.
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