Hey guys!

So, here's the deal. My chain has been growing recently (and will continue to grow in the future), and I'm fed up of having to carry and use seperate power supplies.
I'm using my Fuel Tank Jr., which does what it's supposed to, and powers most of my pedals at 9VDC. But then I have my EHX Holy Grail+ and DL-4, which both run at 9 volts alternating, so I'm carrying a seperate power supply for both of them. At the moment I'm using a seperate (small) power boat, which takes my Fuel Tank and then my Dl-4 and HG+ supplies. As I said, I'm fed up with plugging and unplugging everything, cables getting in a bunch etc etc, we've all been there.

Here's the actual question: I'm looking for a new power supply, which can give me 9V, both alternating and direct, and possibly even 12 or 18V. Any idea's?

I've seen the Chameleon fuel tank (but that can only give me one AC output), and some others as well, but I haven't seen the one for me yet....

Thanks in advance! Budget isn't much of an issue, I'll look at anything!

Haha, I was just going in to edit my OP....

"I've also seen the MC-403, but that thing is just massively huge and doesn't really seem to be fit for a groundbased chain"

...then you come in. There's another issue as well, it doesn't appreciate pedals that draw more than 800mA, the DL-4 needs (according to Line6, anyway) 1200mA minimum...

Thanks for the reply, anyway! I'm going to keep it in mind, budget-wise I could cope with it, it's just a matter of 'Do I want to spend this much'.

I know, if I have to, I will... I'm just silently hoping there's this one supply I hadnt noticed yet, but does give me everything I need.

In case anyone would still be wondering, I found my answer in the CIOKS DC-10 a few weeks back!