I'm seriously considering splurging on one of these two pedals to use as a seperate distortion. I play a Traynor YCV50 Blue which as an amp (and for the band I'm in) I love, but the gain channel is not brilliant. I want a distortion that is thick and solid, and handles palm mutting well, without sounding too harsh. I want a distortion that will take me from smooth and bassey, into death metal teratory, and then to harsh and nasaly thrash. Is there such a pedal? The Okko donimator seems to be the all arounder, but I have been tempted with a Railhead T.U.A, which is considerably cheaper, atleast in the UK, but seems to be a bit of a one trick pony.

I know the 'real' solution is to get a secondary high gain amp, but this is really not practical as I have no room for one, and it would be over kill when 90% of my playing in a band situation these days is much more chilled out stuff.

Any thoughts?
Well, here are some pedals you should check out:
Goosoniqueworkx Seventhheaven
Wheebo Morbid Drive
Emma something, the name is like PisiDOIwayt something

Check out xtimehascomex on youtube, he has a bunch of high gain pedal shootouts, and plays the brootz through stuff people say is only good for blues...
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I have the TUA and it will not get you deep, thick bass. I would go for the dominator or the morbid drive.

That's good info thanks. It just looks like a really awesome pedal, have you played the Dominator? I have seen videos with the 2 side by side, and it's pretty hard to hear them well, both sound decent but I tend to lean towards the T.U.A everytime.

Anyone know if the Emma psidoYOUWat or whatever it is called on a par with the dominator?
I don't own the dominator, I bought a Wampler Triple Wreck and it produces the sound I was looking for, so I have stopped buying distortion pedals.

I was looking at the morbid drive before I bought the TW, but no US dealers and a bad exchange rate and shipping knocked it off my list.

You might want to look at the Rivera metal shaman too.
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You might want to look at the Rivera metal shaman too.


Reviews of the Shaman seem promising, but I haven't seen an GG&Aer chime in on one yet
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