so i posted a thread about my amp problem, i tried to revive the thread but it didn't work.
so sorry if i annoy you people but i just want to try to know a bit more before i bring him to the local amp doctor.

some people told me it are the pre-amp tubes since there's nothing to be seen to the 6L6's. someone said it could be the the output transformer but the amp really is still on but just no sound. and someone said it could be the condenser

- sound fading out on random moments (sometimes after minutes some after half an hour)
-when i start up the amp there is loud cracking noise
-while playing normally before the sound fades away he begins making cracking sounds.
-last time i was playing for half an hour before the sound dissapeared and when i felt the tubes i saw they were burning hotter than usual and there was a strong smell i don't know if it was melted plastic or gass from the tubes but my whole room smelled like it and the smell seemed to come from the power tubes (where the smell was the strongest) but they looked ok.
-sometimes the sound fades away but you can still hear cracking and sound when i touch the tip of the plug of the cable. and sometimes no sound at all .

i tried different cables, i tried different guitars nothing seemed to work. so i think it should be my amp.

if no one knowsd it thanks anyway but i just want to know what it could be.
it's a modded valveking 212 with celestions V30's in it. the problem isn't coming from th emod nor speakers that is 100% sure.

allso: my father last sandpapered(?) the walls with a machine and the dumb guy didn't think about putting some plastic on my door so the dust wouldn't come in my room. so everything was a little bit covered in that sticky dust (it's dust from paint) so can it be that that went in my amp and is buring due to being in contact with electricity or warm components?

thanks in advance people. just want to know all the possibilities.
Sounds like you've burned out or are burning out one or more of your tubes. That crackling sound when you fire your amp up may also be because of the tubes arcing due to stress from high voltages. Tubes are very sensitive to dirt and oils - even from your fingers. There is a good chance that the sandpapering of the walls had something to do with it.

I'd have a tech retube and bias it.
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i've seen that the stickers on the socket of my 2 6L6's on the right are a bit burned and the name 'ruby' on it is black instead of red, so it's clearly there that it happened.