welll... I'm no guru, i've been playing bass for like 6months on n off and like i only learnt songs, never looked into that stuff like pickups, strings, amps whatever... but now that i am considering buying a MM Stingray at the end of the year, i wanna understand this stuff, i already looked in the FAQ which helped me with other stuff but i dont understand this Pickups and Preamp stuff...

Now i know what the pickup is lol, but i dont understand the difference between passive/active, dual/single etc. And i've been looking at those 3 Active Preamps? what are they, where are they placed etc.

Sorry that i probably sound the biggest noob ever, but yea need to learn this, thanks in advance
A passive pickup has a lots of turns of wire around the magnets, an active pickup has only a few. The active pickup includes a preamp inside the pickup to boost the signal to where a passive pickup would usually have it.

A preamp is basically going to have a gain stage, and tone shaping facilities beyond the standard first order passive low pass filter (your usual tone control). They can have treble and bass boost/cut (2 band EQ) where the boost/cut is based around a certain frequency and shape, treble, mid and bass (3 band EQ), or treble, mid, mid freq, bass (3 band mid shift EQ).

Some preamps include other tone shaping controls, such as "slap" switches, higher order high and low pass filters with adjustable resonance peaks, and set boosts of certain frequencies.

A preamp will go in the place of a normal volume, balance and tone knobs.
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ohhh right preamp LOL i'm an idiot, i didnt even know what that is, well i think i've got it now... imma see the actually sound difference between Passive and Active, never checked them out