Hey, everyone! I'm looking for guitars with weird/extreme body shapes. I'm not talking about custom guitars but just shapes that the company just has to offer without it being specifically made for anyone.

So far I have:
DBZ Guitars: Bird of Prey Series
Jackson Guitars: Warrior shape
Dean Guitars: Razorback Series
BC Rich:Virgin, Ironbrid, Beast and Draco shapes

Are there any more I should know of or did I pretty much cover it? The Schecter Avenger is left out because it pretty much just has an extended upper horn...
ESP: LTD AX. looks kinda like some of the BC Rich Models.

Ibanez: Xiphos
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ibanez has just released 3 new x series guitars, two of them are very extreme looking; but only for European customers
Fernandes Ravelle. I've had one for about 6 years now, and it still plays incredibly well. (Though it's not THAT outlandish of a design)
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Gibson makes a guitar for zakk wylde thats half flying V, half SG. Not my thing, but definitely unique in its own way.
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jaguar, mustang, jazzmaster, danelectro dead on'67 and thats all i can pretty much think right now, loads of japanese vintage guitars have all kind of interesting shapes too, so check them out.