I know this is a common question that a lot of people disagree with but in these days modern of music i wont to find a company that master tracks extremely loud.

A lot of people have told me that mastering extremely loud loses all the dynamics of the track and pushing everything out but we have a descent recording down that has been barely compressed and could really be pushed to the limit with mastering and i think the track will still hold some dynamics.

Any idea of any expensive professional mastering studios that are know for very loud masters ?

Ive been in contact with Tom Denny ex a day to remember guitarist and he said he will master my tracks but i expect there are studio's out there dedicated to mastering that i will get me better results

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I dont think there are many studios that are dedicated to mastering. It's normally individuals who do it. I could be wrong though.

And really, getting it loud is not the hard part. Any ol' mastering engineer could do that. Shoot even I could do that... There's a lot more to mastering than just loudness and that's what separates the good engineers from the bad. If your main deal is loudness you dont need to look for "any expensive professional". Just do a google search for mastering engineers in your area and listen to some samples and call them up and see if you can work something out. A good mastering engineer listen's to the client's wishes, so if you ask for loud, they'll give you loud.
^ what he said. Most mastering engineers are dead set against brickwalling your audio. It'd be like if you ordered a salad at a restaurant and they brought out a meaning-of-life style array of food.

Remember, you're paying him to do a service. Make it very clear you do not want it to be over-compressed. Mastering is very important in that people only notice when a poor job is done.
Both Massive Mastering and west west side studios are great mastering services and I guess they would crush what ever want. I'm not big into that crushed sound but it works for some bands. I disagree about just anyone being able to crank up the compression and get the result you are looking for, mastering is an art in itself. But sometimes its not just the mastering that gives it that sound you are looking for, the tracks are individually crushed in the mix taking out the dynamics so when the finial track is exported you have even more head room to get that certain sound.

But check out Massive Mastering and west west side, both dedicated mastering services that I have had great results with. Ill be happy to post some before and after tracks if you want.
If you are looking for loud mixes, you are looking for what's called a New York style mix. Though the different styles aren't as unique as they used to be, there is still some truth to the fact that where you live may have an effect on how your mix sounds. New York style mixing is highly compressed and focuses on punch and aggression. I would look more into it.