I feel like I should do a comparison between my two amps.

First a 2003 JCM2000 Marshall DSL 100 through a 1993 Marshall 1960B.

The DSL 100 is an amazing amplifier. It is very organic sounding. The clean channel on this amp is to die for. I absolutely love it. The spring reverb is the perfect touch to the cleans. Think Hendrix “Little Wing” with some spring reverb. I really can’t stress enough how great the clean channel is. So much life, so organic, very articulate and adapts to your playing/picking style.

I don’t really use the crunch option on the clean side of this amp to much. However, when I first got it years ago, you can get some really nice crunchy sounds, but it requires adjusting the EQ and it renders the distortion channel useless for my needs.

The distortion channel of this amp is very, very nice. Think of a JCM800 with more optional gain. If you EQ it right, you can get some HEAVY deep sounds. Think of early heavy staind. Nice and chunky chuggas, deep full bass, and amazing mids/highs.

I believe the JCM2000 DSL 100 to be one of Marshalls best amps ever made. It’s very adaptable to any playing style and gives you amazing cleans, and deep rich distortion. Also a very reliable amp, not one problem in 8 years.

Now the 2010 Mesa Dual Rectifier Multi-Watt

This amp is a beast. Ahh where to start. Selectable diode/tube tracking, multi watt, 3 channels, updated sounds, etc...

Cleans... The clean on this amp is really nice. Not organic like the Marshall, but rather waiting for effects. I would describe it as almost a solid state clean, very crisp, very clean, It handles my Hardwire delay and reverb perfectly. I would say it’s almost like a Twin Reverb with out the Reverb if you can grasp that. Anyways, very nice, useable clean. Don’t really use the pushed mode on the clean side as you can get the same sound with raw on channel 2.

Channel 2... I use this channel on raw for a nice light crunch sound. Very rich, Very full of life. This amp is all about tweaking so tweak the tube tracking/diode tracking, 50watt-100watt, etc... add the effects and you’re golden.

Channel 3 is all about the modern setting. BRUTAL distortion. it’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Honestly, if you’re looking for brutal semi scooped chugging power, this is the amp to get. There is a reason almost every successful band uses these. I can’t say enough how much this distortion just drips off your tongue, makes you feel like you’re a guitar God.

I have used Mesa cabs before, and the vintage 30’s are just to midrange for me. I love the dark, deep sound of the G12T-75’s of the 1960B’s. Make sure you get the B because it really improves the bass performance.

Questions and or comments welcome.

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wouldnt call it a comparison, its just 2 reviews that only has positive things to say this thread need comparison clipz naow or else
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