Hi, I've I've been having issues with my Shecter Damien elite (active EMG 81/85)
I've had this guitar for 4 months now,I bought it off ebay "New" it arrive here with no scratch it was mint,no signs of wear and it has the warranty seal, so I don't believe anyone messed with the electronics.

OK as a new guitarist I had never played an electric guitar for more than a few hours only played acoustic so when I got this guitar the issue didn't really bother me as I used to hear everyone saying that EMGs suck on clean so perhaps it's normal on emgs.

So when I have the guitar on clean i gives me this crunchy awful sound, I'm guessing it's some fret buzz so I tried to list the bridge real high but I get this sound when I strike it just a little hard.I mean we all strick it hard when we're playing some Green day or something. So the I still get the "fret buzz" I don't know what to do, cause the bridge is like so high now I can even hold chords properly and it hurts now.

The problem also becomes worst on the neck..it sounds so terrible that I never use it even on distortion.

Just clear things out when i play the guitar softly like with no strumming and play string by string softly like in nothing else matters I don't get any disturbing sounds.

Please I really need help, this had been bugging me for months
Schecter Damien Elite
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not too sure, could be a dead battery for your pickups; although, it sounds to me like you should explain the problem to a local guitar tech and have the guitar setup and looked at.

probably not the answer you wanted to hear but one that will explain and remedy your problem.
Try replacing the battery. The first time my cleans deteriorated into that awful sound was because the batteries had run out, I tried changing a lot of things before I found out what it actually was.
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its the battery for sure

i put actives in my les paul about a year ago and a few weeks back my guitar started doing the same thing and i geeked out about it but it's all good because a new battery will solve the problem. actives need batterys to keep goin otherwise they turn into a pile of shit. so go get a 9 volt and open the back cativity (im pretty sure schecters have a cavity just for the battery) and pop it in there and your good.
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