Hi guys, first post on this forum

Basically looking for a valve combo amp to start gigging with my band professionally.

Have played many gigs in the past with my blues junior but it just crackles up and i can't compete with my "Grunge" oriented drummer. Also with my small Marshall valvestate (Again too small) but lost that...thats another story...

Anyways, I am looking for a sound reminiscent of early verve, so would be using my boss od-1 pedal, an MXR phaser and looking to buy a tape delay and the boss re-20 for back up (already had one of these but it got nicked).
Looking to buy either:

Mesa Boogie mark 3, used..
Marshall of some description (any suggestions?)
I've also heard Hiwatt's are quite good for this kind of sound?

I have tried an AC30 (or one of the various versions) with my pedals and they seem to respond really nicely. I have also heard that they shimmer and chime... now i don't know what that means but it sounds like what i'm looking for!

I used a Marshall combo of some kind to record the guitar at a studio on this:
‪Chigurh - Bagheera‬‏ - YouTube

But i think it sounds kind of dull and i don't like the pink floydy tone in the middle.

I'm basically looking for an amp that can be incredibly subtle, but can ROAR incredibly with my OD pedal and maybe some amp break up, and when I put my guitar against the netting, I can control the feedback delicately through my Les Paul or Jazzmaster guitar.

I am someone who has up until this point thought that guitars were the key to a good sound... so can anyone give me any advice on combo amps to buy for the sound and stage i'm at with my band? so small venue/demo recording stage?

Any help would be amazing as i have £1000 in my bank and i want to spend it! hopefully only 750 on an amp and the rest on a space echo pedal... but yeah

If not i'll just try out some AC30 models tomorrow, buy one and think about the consequences later... as is my constant ongoing mistake in life
if you're after that type of tone, you could also look at some clones (ish) from the likes of mjw/martamp... he does a bunch of vintage-style amps around that kind of money.

lots of other options too- english valve amps, matamp, etc. etc.
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