Hey guys just did a solo cover of a new song by all shall perish!
its all done by ear
like i said in the description its played on 7 string so some parts were a bit harder to play on 6 string!
just tell me what u think

You know, recently I watch and check your covers not only just for returning you the favour, but for my pleasure, I said that before. So, this is another of your covers that I really enjoy. The song you choose is awesome, the solo is very tricky and interesting for playing, and it is very technical. Your tone is perfect for it. Everything sounds on time and place. My only note this time is that the video lag a bit, but that is really not a big deal.

Ill be glad if you check mine recently uploaded two covers, it is interesting for me what you think:

I didn't know the song, but this sounds great.
Your playing is spot on, and really great lead sound.
I am checking your channel right now, your protest the hero covers are great.
Tongue Splitter sounds sick, I think I'm going to go learn the tapping part in the beginning. You make it seem so easy.
Not much of a crit, but very impressive dude.

I don't know if you like it, but could you please check out my cover of Iridescent by Linkin Park: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1463223
Or you could check the link in my signature.