Does anybody know the exact finer tapping patterns Dan uses in Indestructible? I cant seem to figure it out and its makin me mad. Please help.
The first part is simple taps and pull-offs (just saying, even though I think you're most not likely referring to that part)

Then, this lick comes in:


What that is, is a tap on the 9th fret (or a long strech with your pinky), followed by a pull-off to the 3rd (you should hold down the 3rd fret all the time during this lick wiht your index finger). then you hammer-on to the 5th fret with your ring finger (or tap, if you like), and then do a pull-off to the 3rd fret again.
Much of the same thing now, but I got to say the tabber didn't organize this lick very well.
I do understand why you're asking, and I must say that it looks quite questionable, and maybe incorrect or unaccurate. A lesson by Dan himself can be found at Youtube I think(I'm sorry if I remeber wrong or anything).
Hope this helps... even though I doubt it when I just read through this...