I got 1200$ saved up to spend on a new Head and Cab to replace my Fender Frontman 65r ( I Know Bleh : ( !!!!). I know that with that much money I could get something nice used but im really want to get new so I have a warrenty. I swear by them, I cant tell you how many times a warrenty has saved my ass. Anyway I play Thrash-Death metal like Kreater, Sodom, Death, Megadeth, Sadus, Slayer, Etc. I dont plan on running any pedals besides a crybaby 535q. Im probably going to buy it from Guitar Center so if you can find a nice rig on there that be sweet. I am just so unknowledgeable of Heads and Cabs that I feel like Id make another horrible amp choice for what I play (Fender Frontman 65R..............)

Stay Metal \m/
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Location? If you could get it off of CL that would be better.

But it sounds like you need a Mesa of sorts, but thats going to be out of budget for Head and Cab.
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I'm looking at amps in the same sort of price range as well and I've heard the peavey 6505/6505+ is awesome for metal though not very good for anything else. You'll probably have to save up an extra couple/few hundred bucks to get a cab as well but it would probably be worth it.



The 6505+ has individual EQ for each channel while the less expensive 6505 has the same EQ for all channels.
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If you like Marshall tone look at the Bugera 1990, it's a JCM 900 clone, and a pretty good one.

If you want a more modern sound, The Jet City JCA 50/100 is really nice.
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I second Bugera, but get a better cab.

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You could try to swing a Dual Rec head for 900-100, and get a cheaper 2x12 now, and then save up some more to get a nicer cab.
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Im suprised GC has no mesa products

Yeah, they only have em used. I don't know why, probably some stupid licensing disagreement.
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Is teh 6505 plus really worth the extra 200 bucks?

It depends, you will probably want different EQ settings for clean than the high gain channel, but then again a lot of people say the cleans on the 6505 suck so you might not use that channel anyway?
I did a bit of researching and I have decided I definantly want to go with Peavey but, I I really cant decide on 1 Head. JSX, Triple X, 6505, and 5150 all have alot of pluses. Anyone want to help me with a choice or should I Eniey Mynie Minee Moe?
The JSX is a modded Triple X, but way way better (IMO) the 6505 and 5150 are commonly used just for super heavy metal (cores and such), but lack in cleans.

personally I'd say the JSX
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Well, the 6262 is essentially a clone of the 5150 II, so you'd honestly be better off with the 5150/6505. But they're not bad amps. If you get one, make sure its new, or from 2010/2011, because their QC has been SHOTTY, or should I say, FIERY!
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the 6505+ has better headroom over the 6505 as well as the seperate eqs so i would recommend that over the regular 6505. you could probably get a 5150II for a pretty cheap price. i love the grind these amps have but if you like having a really clean clean channel probably go with the other models.
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Is there any reason u need a head and cab instead of a combo??
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You'd be able to get a used Mesa Single Rectifier in your price range. Probably won't be able to get a Mesa cab, but there are solid cab options that would fit your price range. Mesa sounds like a good option for you if you can find any floating around used.

I'll gladly admit that I'm a Mesa homer. I'm not on the 5150/6505 bandwagon. Sounds too fizzy to me and I don't like the cleans, even if they aren't as bad as they were. When I'm spending that much money I don't want usable, I want awesome.
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$1500 isnt really High Quality. sure it'll be better than your Frontman.
but when I think High Quality amps I usually think of budgets like 2k+

Says the guy who owns like the only Wizard amp in Australia.


Has the new Peavey Butcher come out? AFAIK it's a bit lower gain but it's 3 channels and pretty intuitive.

I'm a bit out of the loop but if you're looking for hi-gain but versatile you could pick up one of those new Egnater heads (Armageddon?) for around that. Not sure if they've been released or not, once again..

And based on basically nothing, I'd try out a Richie Blackmore Engl (if they've dropped in price at all).

Just so you know OP, some warantees are transferable, Traynor comes to mind in that department.
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Well, the 6262 is essentially a clone of the 5150 II, so you'd honestly be better off with the 5150/6505. But they're not bad amps. If you get one, make sure its new, or from 2010/2011, because their QC has been SHOTTY, or should I say, FIERY!

It is from 2009 onwards actually.

Also, I can vouch for a 6505 or 6262. I've owned both (I prefer the 6505) although the 6262 had far better cleans.

Although that's when the comparison ends really. I honestly find that the 6262 sounds very weak while distorted compared to a 6505 (not plus), which is what nudged me over the edge to sell my 6262 for a 6505. The 6262 was "heavy" but it wasn't what I would call overly exciting. It just lacked something that the 6505 has.
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