Alright guys.

I'v taken a break from band stuff at the moment to get my solo stuff back on track! Just got a new single out for free download which you can get from:


ALSO - this wasn't my own production, it was a friend of mine who runs a studio in Dalgety Bay (Fife) called Valvetone Productions. So seriously, if you're from Scotland and want a shit hot recording at a low price, hit them up. http://www.facebook.com/valvetoneproductions

Cheers guys

If you like the single you can get me on facebook too http://www.facebook.com/D.R.L.2011
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Dude. HOLY SHIT! I really liked it and it is now on my iPod. You have made me want to get my solo stuff up and running again! Cheers!

Thanks so much man

Yeah I've been working on the new DRL album for over a year now, stuff keeps getting in the way so I put this single out to keep the interest up, I'll definitely let you know when it's up and running! I'm always updating the facebook page so get on that and you'll know everything :P

If you like that, you might like the band I'm in too.....