I'm looking to get a Marshall valvestate vs100 1x12 combo but I can only find it used.
Does anyone know where I can find it new?
They have been discontinued for over a decade now, so probably nowhere.
Count yourself lucky though, they were massively overpriced new.
Yeah, I'll agree with the guy above me. I had one for a while, not a terrible amp imo, so if that's what you want then I'd go for a used one (Just try and play it first though)
I've seen some for as low as £60 on gumtree, so they're pretty low priced.
As said, they're discontinued. Unless you can find a store that has had a boxed one gathering dust in the back for the last 15 years or so you wont find one new.

They do pop up used from time to time though, all you can do is keep an eye out on the used listings. Any reason you're looking for that amp in particular? General consensus is that the VS' were better than the new AVT's and had decent cleans while the distortion wasn't fantastic. That said, Chuck Schuldiner from Death is known to have used one for a while along with a modified Dimarzio X2N.
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I had one and didnt like it very much. You can probably find something better if your willing to buy it new.