Ok so I'm looking at getting my first effect pedal (either getting a wah or a talk box) But any ways since I've never used one I have no clue how it plugs in to your amp, is there any specific thing your amp needs to be compatible with these? sorry, go ahead and laugh I'm laughing now as I type this haha thanks guys.
For a wah, you just plug your guitar into the input of the wah, and then add another cord that goes from the output of the wah to the amp's input. I'd get a wah before a talkbox, imo
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dont know about talk boxes(you probably want a wah) but to plug in your wah in you just need an instrument cable to plug the guitar into and one to go into the amp
Your pedal got an input and an output. Just plug you guitar in the input of the pedal and then with a second cable connect the uotput of the pedal with the input of the amp. You got to power the pedal though.

Hope you can understand it, I'm from Germany
Two ways to do it depending on your amp.

If you have an effects loop, you'll need 3 cables. 1 goes from the pedals IN to the FX RET and the other cable goes fro the pedals OUT to the FX SEND. Then cable number 3 goes from guitar to amp.

If you don't have an effects loop, You need 2 cables. One from guitar to pedal IN and the other fro Pedal OUT to Amp IN.

Hope that helps
for a real talk box you need a guitar, a amp, and a PA system. (or 2 amps at the very least).

other then that
some amps have an FX loop that you can plug your effects into.
if not as the 2 guys above said
guitar>input of effect>out put of the effect into amp.
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Quote by the_white_bunny
for a real talk box you need a guitar, a amp, and a PA system. (or 2 amps at the very least).

...and a microphone. I have a talkbox... All it is is a box with a small speaker driver in it. Theres a tube that comes from that driver into your mouth. You need to mount it to a mic stand or something because the sound comes out of your mouth now and of course you have to have a mic to pick this up. Also handy is a towel because when you use it for awhile you tend slobber all over.
i have the adrenalinn pedal
it has several talk boxes and wah pedal options

i recommend checking it out
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Thanks guys I'm gonna get the wah first, any suggestions on which one to get, my budget is about $120 (u.s.)
What sort of Wah sound are you aiming for? (give us some examples of artists you enjoy listening to who use wah pedals)
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Like what hendrix used or clapton in his song bad love, I'm looking at a vox v847 would that be good? I've hear hendrix used them, but not sure about clapton.