This thread is dedicated to those of us who have wasted countless hours of our life EQ'ing and getting crappy amps to sound decent. I know I do it alot, since I usually have nothing to do at home, other than get the pieces of junk amps I have lying around sounding good.

Feel free to post clippies of your crappy amps tone, and discuss crappy amps in general, and their uselessness.

I have two crappy amps in my room at them moment, a Ibanez ACA10 Acoustic amp, 11 watts, and a Yamaha GA-10, 10 watts. I have a clip of the Ibanez, it's actually a pretty decent sounding amp for a cheap solid state, nice cleans, distorts easily though, and has scratchy pots. I got my Valveking working again, so it's no longer crappy.

This thread is just as crappy as the amps without pic, so I present, a pic.

Ibanez ACA10 crap clip: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/ethan_hanus/music/all/play1025976

This is a song I mixed for my friend Slayer123, who has a crappy Line 6 Spider III amp, sounds pretty good though for a crappy amp.

Line 6 Spider III crap clip: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8920099/Slayer%20123%20Band%20Song.mp3
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the ibanez sounds very good. what all did you do to it(setup post eq, etc.) the spider sounds like all those old entombed records, so pretty lo fi still lol but cool mix.
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