so i recently wound up with this little guy in my possession. a quick google search has told me its somewhat of a direct box for use AFTER an amp. as in between the head and cab as an alternative to mic'ing the cab. it has three jacks, amp in, and speaker cab out, and a xlr balanced output. it also has an adjustable timbre trimpot.

i opened it up, and almost all the solder joints were cold solder, cracked and stuff. (2nd experience with crappy peavey soldering....) i reheated all the joints and put some fresh solder in where needed.

however, the xlr pins have all snapped, and i cant solder wire onto them without melting the casing. there are 4 pins on the back, one which appears to ground to the casing.

any ideas where i can get a replacement/fix it? ive looked on radioshack's website and a few others and havnt found one with four pins on the back... (front where you plug in is the standard three pin male)

i was thinking about just hacking off the end of a mic cable and using that, just hanging out of the box....

anyone have any further info/experience with these? seems pretty neat