I currently have a budget of $250 and I am looking for a nice sounding amp for home use and possibly recording. Ive been looking at several low wattage tube amps like the Blackstar HT-1r and the VHT special 6. Im sure there are several I have overlooked and any help would be appreciated. Im also not against a SS amp but It would have to be a deal. It doesnt have to be low wattage either, but at my price range it seems to be the way to go. I play a lot of rock and sometimes will play metal, and almost always use a guitar with two humbuckers. Please give me a few amps to ponder on and check out. Much appreciated. New or used, either is fine.
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well, tube amps arent really that common on such a low budget, but the roland cube xl's are good, or vox vt+. im not a fan of modelling amps after i got my line 6 spider, and it sucks with pedals.
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The VHT Special 6 seems good - the Blackstar HT-1R might be underpowered for anything but bedroom practice. I've noticed a lot of the early Peavey Transtube SS amps go super cheap on eBay and they seem to be really nice. Seems like you are on the right track, already, though.
you can usually find peavey valvekings used for that price
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Jet City JCA20? A bit loud, but it works well with humbuckers.
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Yeah, the HT1 is mainly a practice amp. You don't have a foot-switch, effects loop and much clean headroom at volume for recording. It sounds good for a cheap practice amp though. I saved myself 100 and skipped the digital reverb though.