Yes, another "Suggest Me an Amp" thread..

I've been playing a Mesa Nomad 100 head on a Mesa cab and I love it.
I want to, however, switch it out for something smaller (preferably a combo) with a low wattage (10-20W).

Budget: $2000
Styles of music: Everything from jazz to metal.
Preferred features: FX loop, 2 channels

I've had my eye on the Mesa TA-30 1x12 combo but I'm not too sure if it has a enough gain...
Randall RM 22 with a few different modules.

It's one of the few ways to get metal in that wattage.

Otherwise, Baron Snott Watt.
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When the Tweaker 40 comes out you will be able to put some JJ 6l6 in it and hold the wattage down to 20 , est coming out this fall.

Renegade can be down to 18 watts.

Carvin V3M

TA may still be the best choice
If you play everything from Jazz to Metal... Surely you want a lot of headroom?

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Blackstar Series One 45 combo. It's 45 watts, but it has a built in attenuator that can drop that down all the way to 4.5 watts, or anywhere between the two. Each channel has footswitchable modes and everything is MIDI controllable if your into that. Plus it sounds badass.
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JCA22H when it comes out. Crazy amounts of gain and power for such a small amp

But with a $2000 budget.....

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Mark IV? It has the gain for metal, headroom and cleans for jazz, with a switch that takes it from 90-45-15? Im not sure what the smallest wattage amount is but im sure its in the 10-20 range. and its in your budget