just from looking at the specs and stuff please let me know which one you think is better, not just from picking your fav brand :p keep in mind I have not played them, YET. I am never gona buy a guitar without playing it:p




edit: schecters have fatter necks? I might have to reconsider now lol, Im a girl and my hands are tiny..
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Schecter has a fatter neck for bigger hands the esp has a smaller neck for thiner hands I love the look of the schecter but I would take the esp. Its a faster set up.
the EC-1000 is more of a "high performance guitar" if you get me. if you compare the tempest and the amber burst EC you'll find that they sound similar, but play quite differently.
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ESP/LTD guitars will almost always beat Schecters of comparable price, and a bit higher.
The Schecter has 22 frets. The ESP has 24. Normally I would say go for schecter but I prefer 24 frets over anything. I say go for the ESP it's overall better quality, in this case anyways.
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i don't like either brand's output particularly... and with esp/ltd specifically the ec-1000...because they look too blinged out.
I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes HEY!
esp in this case and if you want a thinner neck maybe think about similarly priced ibanez models

yamaha rgx a2 has a nice small neck, is really light and the white ones are stunning, if you're not sure about neck size you should probably try before you buy if at all possible
I would say Schecter because the EC-1000 is for pussymetal guitar players.

And Schecter has coil-tap. And no abalone.

The EC-1000's scale is 24.75, and the 24 frets get kind of crammed up there, I think, and I don't think 24 frets are a necessity.