Hello there all its me again after looking for a Fender amp I decided to just skip the sold state and jump to a tube amp. I'm looking for a tube amp that will be good for rock, punk, and even some blues. Its going to be for home and maybe even gig use if I can get a band. I'm mainly going to look for a used one to save the most money I can. I'm looking to spend $200-$300.
Do you have any pedals? Also where are you?
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A Marshall Class 5 ($399 new) is probably what you're looking at for your price point, but you can't really gig with it. You might have to rent an amp and cab for any gigs.
peavey classic 30
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I looked up the Peavey Classic 30 and two models come up a black one and then a tweed one. Is there any difference besides color ?
The square logo tweed (tolex) is the 90's version, next was the round newer version then the black tolex. I have a 90's version got it for around $350 with a tube tamer, newish JJ tubes and an Eminence private jack speaker upgrade, and I found an extension cab that matched from the 90's as well for $30.

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I do like the sound of the Peavey Classic 30. I might have to go test one out the next time I'm at Guitar Center.
i was un guitar center in Raleigh NC and they have a bunch of used crate V series amps. depending in size they were 200-350 for a (think they started at like 15-18) 15 to 33 watt amp.

they actually solid amps. the V series were actually some of the better crates. definitely a solid deal.

ive been tweaking my bugera ive been kicking around and traveling with for the past year and through my board it sounds pretty solid. not a bad foundation to build off of. it will definitely hold me off till i get some serious money and drop some bones on a NAD quality amp.
Peavey Classic 30 is alright. I don't mind them and I can believe that they're cheap used so I agree with the above guys.

I got my Ceriatone Vibro Champ clone (in the UK) for less than your budget. Would something like that tickle your pickle? Or well small tube amps in general. There are plenty of threads around here about them.

I know you've said you wanted tube, and I haven't had a chance to play them, but the Fender Mustang series look like real good bang for your buck if you haven't got pedals to work with. (Although it does look like there's a lot that could go wrong on that).