Hey I have a guitar that I bought over a year ago. My teacher has the same model from a few years back. He said his looked exactly like mine when he got it. However, mine is alot lighter in terms of the finish. Do guitars darken in colour as time goes by? I've been wondering this for a while. Both are Fender acoustics.
well, this is not entirely true, but i see what you are saying. I have had an englemann top acoustic that apparently did darken in color (took 2 years). But every guitar is different (diff finishes, woods, etc.) and the same may not occur to every guitar. It also may be that your teachers guitar wood was dark to start with from the beginning.
I don't know about "darkening", but guitars will naturally show wear and get dirty over time depending how much and how hard they are played. Some finishes also fade of time as well, especially when exposed to sunlight for a while.

As said, above, this varies greatly by guitar and finish.
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I've heard it has a lot to do with the type of finish the guitar has. a polyurethane finish will not fade much at all, but a lacquer finish will fade.
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