I was wondering if any one had any insight into common techniques or chords used in Post-punk and/or goth rock, specifically in the style of Bauhaus and Rikk Agnew's playing on Christian Death's "Only theatre of Pain".

Some things I have already noticed are
-Simple riffs with spooky sounding chromatic passing tones.
-A harsh brittle guitar tone (How do I achieve this tone,anyone know?) often with slight to medium overdrive or distortion, chorus, flanger,echo,delay and reverb
-Simple major and minor chords often voiced only on the top 3 or 4 strings, often arpeggiated

Anymore insights specifically into Bauhaus and Christian Death guitar styles?

Any help would be appreciated
Look at the early punk and glam bands. Goth is punk against punk and glam. Take the look, the scene, and the music, and suck all the colors and liveliness and commercialization out, and you're left with the Batcave and 2nd wave goth rock that defined the genre. Look at Bowie, the Kinks, T-Rex, the Stooges, UK Subs, the Sweet, etc. and slow them down, and you'll start to get the picture.

I suggest lots of flangey chorus, some VERY light mid-treble-heavy distortion, and a solid echo, running through a tube screamer before the FX chain. Single coil pups work best, especially P-90 and Tele "lipstick" types for the Bauhaus/Cure/Chameleons sound. Gibson '59 and Electromatic styles work better for the deathrock/Cult/Batcave sound.