This is interesting. You've got an 80's prog rock vibe going on here. I'm not a fan of that type of music, but I can see you've got plenty of talent and that your recording sounds very professional. This would have been a hit a few decades ago.

However, I think it this song sounds very outdated. I've listened to some of your other stuff and there I can hear a huge 80's influence in everything you do. If you plan on going professional with your music, you may have to consider modernizing your sound.

I hope this helps. C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1461784
Right from the start, I gotta agree with Aeolian on the sound. It's definitely not a modern sounding piece. The tapping at about 0:45 is really nice except when it hits some out of tune notes at 1:10. That really derailed the entire passage for me, since it ended on a bad note (pun not intended).

My biggest complaint is that your tones sound very dated. You're a solid enough player to pull of your composition, but the tones you're using sound like something that would have been really cool when my dad was a young guy in a band. There's nothing really wrong with the sound except that you could get a stronger sound without losing any of the clarity that you've got with your present tone.

From a compositional standpoint, it's well constructed. The rhythm parts are a little boring and (again) sound dated. They wouldn't be out of place on an Iron Maiden track, but that's about it. The lead parts were fine and actually sounded like they had direction, which is something that a number of people I've seen on here don't have. Aside from those few out of tune notes at the end of that middle tapping passage, your technique sounds like it's just fine.

Beyond the Wall of Sleep part 3 is my latest. Care to take a look?
I assume the title is a sexual innuendo so youre off to a good start.

guitar tone feels a little messy and the guitars need to be balanced a little better. drums dont sound great. try panning things out, could make it sound more balanced and fuller.

I think the bass on the whole track needs to be turned up, feels highs heavy. crash is too loud. really good guitar playing and some really awesome riffs in there. good catchy stuff. Love the part that finishes the song. favorite part of the song, really dug it. Fade out ending is pretty lame in my opinion, feel like a great riff like that should be ended a better way.

Cool stuff man, nice balance of technicality and melody.

c4c please: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1462564
Thanks guys. Didn't expect so many dated comments lol. It's true I'm hitting an 80s style right now but mainly because it's instrumental and I like bold melodies and harmonies. I suppose the gallops aged the songs a lot lol.
@Geldin you must have a better ear than me lol but looking back i didn't check my tuning too much while recording this. I'll keep that in mind.
@cudixx Haha no it's not but I'll let you interpret it as you like lol, it's just what I thought of after I finished recording the final section. I'm using Guitar Rig so sadly I'm kind of at the mercy of that as far as tones go but I've been working on it and will continue to as long as I get people calling me on it so thanks. The bass part wasn't that great so I think I toned it down in the mix but I'll mind to turn in it up on future recordings.
Sorry about the fade out haha, I agree it's a crap out rather than figuring out a way to finish the song but this was written and recorded in one sitting and I was near the end of my tether lol (this song took some weird turns, the end of the second section is weird because originally it was going to modulate then I decided to go reiterate the first riff).

Thanks guys I'm gonna go check out all your stuff now!
I'll crit as i listen:

Not much of an intro.. It just kind of started. However, it already sounds pretty good! The guitars sound clear. Reminds me of an Iron Maiden tone. Cool part at 1:02.. Harmonies sound nice towards the end. This sounds like it would be the middle of a longer piece. I really dig it though. Usually this stuff doesn't interest me too much.. I wasn't too fond of the fade out. You should really expand on this! It has great potential. Just work on an intro and a better outro. Tell a story with it!

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