Interesting switching system, that's for sure. I can't imagine the sound being too much different from the front coil to back coil, though.

teehee avril lavigne. honestly, if you like it and dont have a problem with it being an avril sig or a squier then go for it. of course if you're expecting that classic tele tone then dont, as its only one humbucker that appears to be coil-tapped. if it was me though i'd save up and at least get a MIM tele
you could just get a less ugly tele with 2 buckers and not use one... the tele Custom comes to mind.

if you must get a goofy looking squire tele with one pickup (funny thing to want...), try out the derek whibly tele. its pretty much the same deal but with a better pickup and no funny switching system (coil taps on cheaper humbuckers rarely, if ever at all, sound good)
if the end of the add statement that girls rock isn't enough to make you think that this isn't your best plan then go for it. sure you'll be ridiculed and have your manhood doubted but i'm sure that the great music you'll make with it will more than make up for it.
Get a classic vibe and change out the pickguard and bridge for a single bucker pickguard and bridge. A Tele SHOULD NOT be basswood.
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sam ash is sitting on about 200 of them.

i bet they sell you 2 for the price of 1.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
You can do that wiring yourself on any guitar with a splittable humbucker. But like r0ckth3d34n said, I doubt the 2 singles would sound much different.

I'd rather get a regular tele and put a 4-way switch in to run the singles in series.
Unless you just have to have it for it's appearance, there are better ways to get the features
you need. I'd PM Greg (Iceman or gregs1020) and see what he can do for you as far
as that 2 for 1 deal.

I'd hit it hard, twice! Greg, I need 2!