can anyone help me?! i have sheet music on musescore.com and i need it turned to tabs or chords. i just cant ifnd a program to do it.
Not to demean you, but reading music is one of the most important skills a musician could have, especially for developing ones.
Its not demeaning at all but the thing is im not a serious guitar player. Im a singer. i just happen to be in the role of guitarist in my band. i can read tabs and play chords at a mediocre level, hense the need for tabs and or chords.
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reading music is for pussies, and not really necessary if you can read tabs and use your ears. But if you need to, try the program on this link http://www.virusWareHouse.com

Trying learning some classical pieces. Tabs become more difficult than to use in those cases.
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Ever thought maybe he just wants tabs, not to be learn how to read sheet music? I find tabs easier. I'm sure he does too.
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