Lyrics to an acoustic, let me know what you think. Thanks

Everyone's thoughts leak out through their mouth
They hang heavy in the air as I figure them out
Like drops of sweat they stick to my skin
and they sink in, they sink in, they sink in and squander until
they've reached my mind
and feed off thoughts of my own
It soon becomes crowded and foggy
like a rain cloud that will never dry out
cause I won't rain, I won't rain, I won't rain, I won't storm
everyone's umbrellas
are gone anways

flooded stairwells are everywhere
forced farewells are everywhere

and I've waited too long
now I'm dragging anchor
I'm dragging my anchor away
(whole stanza = 4x)

This is how I drown myself
This is how I deflate
This is the only drug I take, for now
This is the only way to drown
It's good don't get me wrong but it would seem that some of the rhymes are forced. Some sound good, where others could be better IMHO. But I do like it a lot. Here's a tip, maybe you can look into maybe changing the rhyming pattern a little OR keep it more consistant. Very good song though. C4C heres my links:

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Oh, well there was never meant to be a rhyme scheme in here, or rhyming in general. I guess some parts do rhyme a little but it's not as noticeable when sung the way that I doin the song. But I'll take your advice into consideration. Thanks for the input. I'll be sure to check out some of your posts