So I'm going to college soon as a music major. I have some decent guitars that will get me through, but I'm looking for a good one for jazz and fingerstyle. I had to let my jazz box go do to some fret issues that didn't bother me much just comping chords, but much else was just terrible. It was going to cost me more than I payed for it to fix the frets. I'd use my main guitar, but at the moment that is an acoustic which won't work in a big band. Anyways I'm looking for a good jazz and fingerstyle guitar. Six strings, needs electronics. I'm going to be looking for used guitars at the local shops and online as well. My range is $200-$400(maybe a little more if I squeeze my wallet dry).

Basically, something inexpensive with a good tone for jazz and various fingerstyles. I've been looking into archtops and resonators with electronics(yes I know they sound different but I like the tone).
To be honest I'm not a huge fan of some of the Ibanez semi-hollows I've played on. While I would still consider one I think I would prefer a low level Epiphone. Thank you for the suggestion though.