I like a strong distortion, I play anything from Megadeth to some 90s rock.

Two heads I'm looking at are:

Peavey Transtube Supreme

and Peavey Windsor

Let me know what you think, and maybe recommend me something.


Also any good 2x12s for that price would be appreciated as well.
Out of those two the Windsor wins hands down but if all you've got is $400 you need to start scanning the used market.
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Same thing I always say: a used Crate Blue Voodoo head. Depending on where in the world you are $400 should just about get you one, although if you're down under like me you might have a to search for a bit. Solid cleans, a good palette of chunky overdrive sounds and enough volume to kill things.
Yeah I don't mind used at all, and I'll check out the blue voodoo, I have heard of it before
They are pretty cool, Marty Friendman used them for a while if I recall. I have one of the old 90's BV120s with the blue tolex and I love it to bits. If you can find one of the newer 3 channel BV150s that would be even cooler.
You can find a half stack Blue Voodoo for 400 around the LA area.

Last time I checked the Peavey Windsor Head was around 200 here. Same as the blue voodoo.
If you're looking into the Blue Voodoo make sure to differentiate between the US made and Asian made, not quite sure of the differences but it's certain the US made one will have a higher value (that the seller may or may not know).
is the 400 for both head and cab combined?

If not, and its 400 for each, look at Avatar cabs. Their 2x12's are really good quality for the price.

Whitebox would be another brand to look at.

Not really sure on used cabs, anyone care to back me up, used Orange PPC212 should be in the 400 budget too yeah?
TS, Where do you live? We might be able to get some feedback for you.
Earcandy Cabs are really nice too if you can snag one on the used market.
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blackstar ht-5 or ht-20 head

might have to go used for the ht-20
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